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Deprecate and remove Package element


The split between the Product and Package elements is confusing and mostly historical. At the same time, the Package element contains a number of obsolete and/or questionably-useful attributes that mostly exist to allow WiX to generate an arbitrary package. WiX v4.0 should remove the Package element, moving its useful attributes to Product and eliminating the rest.

Package attribute Disposition
AdminImage Eliminate. Its only use is in using WiX to construct an arbitrary database. The name encourages users to use it to try to create a package that elevates.
Comments Eliminate. MSI SDK describes what it “should” say.
Compressed Move to Product/@Compressed and Module/@Compressed.
Description ???
Id Eliminate.
InstallerVersion Move to Product/@InstallerVersion and Module/@InstallerVersion. Add logic to automatically set the version based on columns in the database.
InstallPrivileges Eliminate.
InstallScope Move to Product/@Scope and Module/@Scope.
Keywords ???
Languages Eliminate. Extend Product/@Language and Module/@Language instead to set the summary information. (Assumes multilanguage merge modules, if we want to support constructing them, have a way of adding multiple languages to the summary information template summary field.)
Manufacturer Eliminate. Little need to differentiate between Product/@Manufacturer and package summary information which “should be” the same anyway.
Platform Eliminate.
Platforms Eliminate.
ReadOnly Eliminate.
ShortNames ???
SummaryCodepage Eliminate. Extend Product/@Codepage and Module/@Codepage instead to set the summary information.


WixCop needs to be updated to handle moving attributes as required.

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