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ComPlusApplicationRole Element (Complus Extension)

Defines an application role. If this element is a descendent of a Component element, the application role will be created in association with this component. If the element is a child of any of the Fragment, Module or Product elements it is considered to be a locater, referencing an existing application role.
Windows Installer references
ComPlusApplication, Component, Fragment, Module, Product
Inner Text
Sequence (min: 1, max: 1)
  1. Choice of elements (min: 0, max: unbounded)
Name Type Description Required
Id String Identifier for the element. Yes
Application String If the element is not a child of a ComPlusApplication element, this attribute should be provided with the id of a ComPlusApplication element representing the application the role belongs to.  
Description String    
Name String Name of the application role. Yes
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