WiX Toolset

WebFilter Element (Iis Extension)

IIs Filter for a Component
Windows Installer references
Component, WebSite
Inner Text
Name Type Description Required
Id String The unique Id for the web filter. Yes
Description String Description of the filter.  
Flags Integer Sets the MD_FILTER_FLAGS metabase key for the filter. This must be an integer. See MSDN 'FilterFlags' documentation for more details.  
LoadOrder String The legal values are "first", "last", or a number. If a number is specified, it must be greater than 0.  
Name String The name of the filter to be used in IIS. Yes
Path String The path of the filter executable file. This should usually be a value like '[!FileId]', where 'FileId' is the file identifier of the filter executable file. Yes
WebSite String Specifies the parent website for this filter (if there is one). If this is a global filter, then this attribute should not be specified.  
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