WiX Toolset

InstallExecuteAgain Element

Runs a script containing all operations spooled since either the start of the installation or the last InstallExecute action, or InstallExecuteAgain action. Should only be used after InstallExecute. Special actions don't have a built-in sequence number and thus must appear relative to another action. The suggested way to do this is by using the Before or After attribute. InstallExecute and InstallExecuteAgain can optionally appear anywhere between InstallInitialize and InstallFinalize.
Windows Installer references
InstallExecuteAgain Action
Inner Text (xs:string)
Text node specifies the condition of the action.
Name Type Description Required
After String The name of an action that this action should come after.  
Before String The name of an action that this action should come before.  
Overridable YesNoType If "yes", the sequencing of this action may be overridden by sequencing elsewhere.  
Sequence Integer A value used to indicate the position of this action in a sequence.  
Suppress YesNoType If yes, this action will not occur.  
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