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RemoveRegistryValue Element

Used to remove a registry value during installation. There is no standard way to remove a single registry value during uninstall (but you can remove an entire key with RemoveRegistryKey).
Windows Installer references
RemoveRegistry Table
Inner Text
Name Type Description Required
Id String Primary key used to identify this particular entry. If this attribute is not specified, an identifier will be generated by hashing the parent Component identifier, Root, Key, and Name.  
Key String The localizable key for the registry value. If the parent element is a RegistryKey, this value may be omitted to use the path of the parent, or if its specified it will be appended to the path of the parent.  
Name String The localizable registry value name. If this attribute is not provided the default value for the registry key will be set instead. The Windows Installer allows several special values to be set for this attribute. You should not use them in WiX. Instead use appropriate values in the Action attribute to get the desired behavior.  
Root RegistryRootType The predefined root key for the registry value.  
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