WiX Toolset bugs and feature requests

Issues: 682

# Title Status Assigned to Opened Updated
4880 Feature Add support for detecting VS15 Open v3.11 extensions heaths yesterday yesterday
4879 Bug SWID Tag in x64 MSI Product results in LGHT0204 This 32bitComponent uses 64BitDirectory WixTagFolder Open v3.10 extensions firegiant 3 days ago yesterday
4878 Bug dutil's IniUtil leaks memory Open v3.11 sdk mikegc 3 days ago yesterday
4876 Bug Burn packages crash with STATUS_ILLEGAL_INSTRUCTION on old hardware Open v3.11 burn bobarnson 6 days ago yesterday
4875 Bug Root Certificate install fails with code 26352 Open v3.x extensions 7 days ago yesterday
4873 Bug SWID tag in Bundle, installed on first install, then swidtag folder removed on Bundle (major)Upgrade Open v4.x burn 7 days ago yesterday
4870 Feature Preprocessor should support case-insensitive inequality Open v4.x compiler 7 days ago yesterday
4869 Bug Incorrect source in "creating shortcut" documentation Open v3.11 wixtoolset.org bobarnson 7 days ago yesterday
4867 Feature Support ISO/IEC 19770-2:2105 (aka SWID Tags-2) Open v3.10 extensions firegiant 9 days ago 8 days ago
4865 Feature Heat: Invalid payload for MSU packages Open v3.x heat 15 days ago 8 days ago
4864 Feature Add `Open EULA` command to WixStdBA Open v3.x extensions bobarnson 15 days ago 15 days ago
4863 Bug WixStdBA doesn't format the variable's value in editbox Open v4.0 extensions 16 days ago 15 days ago
4862 Bug Hidden persisted variables are written to the state file in plaintext Open v3.x burn 16 days ago 15 days ago
4860 Bug thmviewer doesn't work properly when it can't find an image Open v3.x sdk 16 days ago 15 days ago
4858 Feature Add UninstallMsiPackage/@ProductCode to let Burn uninstall packages Open v3.x burn bobarnson 20 days ago 15 days ago
4857 Bug DTF Bug with new Windows 10 Modern ARP Open v3.11 sdk 21 days ago 15 days ago
4855 Feature Light should not show ICE informational messages Open v3.x linker 22 days ago 15 days ago
4851 Feature Add IIS detection properties like WIX_IS_NETFRAMEWORK_46_OR_LATER_INSTALLED Open v3.x extensions a month ago a month ago
4850 Bug Heat fails with error HEAT5305, when interpreting a path in an imported .targets file Open v3.x heat jocooper a month ago 22 days ago
4848 Bug WIX_ACCOUNT_ADMINISTRATORS does not work as expected when using it for permissions inside a merge module Open v3.x extensions a month ago a month ago
4847 Bug Install button for installing Wix stays invisible Open v3.11 installer jchoover a month ago 15 days ago
4838 Feature Migrate burn design documents to OSS project site Open v3.x burn heaths 1 months ago a month ago
4833 Feature Bootstrapped doesn't respect BS_DEFPUSHBUTTON style Open v3.x extensions 1 months ago a month ago
4831 Bug Bootstrapper hangs when detecting FilesInUse Open v3.x burn 1 months ago a month ago
4830 Bug Bind-time variable failing after migrating from WiX v3 to v4? Open v4.0 linker 1 months ago a month ago

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