WiX Toolset bugs and feature requests

Issues: 648

# Title Status Assigned to Opened Updated
4767 Feature In the pre-processor support $(fun.defined(X)) to return true if variable X is defined Open v4.x compiler 4 days ago 2 days ago
4763 Feature Burn variable strings should support a "literal" flag to handle strings that contain embedded brackets Open v3.10 burn shall 8 days ago earlier today
4762 Bug error LGHT0001: Cannot set column 'Attributes' with value -2147483645 because it is less than the minimum allowed value for this column, 0. Open v4.0 compiler robmen 8 days ago 3 days ago
4760 Bug Failure to open a code analysis ruleset with Wix project in the solution Open v3.10 votive bobarnson 9 days ago 3 days ago
4758 Feature Logging should indicate payload being sought when acquiring container Open v4.x burn 11 days ago 3 days ago
4755 Feature Support for Inno-Based installers in Burn Open v4.x burn 14 days ago 3 days ago
4754 Feature MediaTemplate should take duplicate files into account for smart cabbing Open v3.x linker 14 days ago 3 days ago
4753 Bug Certain registry keys cause link to fail unless linker is run as administrator Open v3.x linker 15 days ago 3 days ago
4749 Feature Allow collection of SQL information and warning output Open v3.x extensions 22 days ago 17 days ago
4747 Feature Settings Engine Expiration Policy For History Should Be Configurable Open v4.x settings a month ago 24 days ago
4746 Bug Managed custom actions in daily builds Open v3.x wixtoolset.org a month ago 24 days ago
4744 Bug Investigate hardening IIS custom actions for malformed IIS config Open v4.0 extensions a month ago a month ago
4739 Bug Crash during installation during LogId Open v3.x burn a month ago a month ago
4737 Bug WIXUI_DONTVALIDATEPATH has no effect on BrowseDlg in WixUI_InstallDir Open v4.0 extensions a month ago a month ago
4736 Bug Setting bal:Overridable to 'yes' throws an exception Open v4.0 extensions firegiant 1 months ago a month ago
4729 Feature Web documentation of Component/Directory/File Id is wrong Open v3.x wixtoolset.org 1 months ago 1 months ago
4727 Bug Cannot specify Component/@Directory when nested under ComponentGroup with Directory specified Open v4.0 compiler 1 months ago a month ago
4726 Bug ParseTypeLibElement MinorVersion maximum value check Open v4.0 compiler bobarnson 1 months ago a month ago
4722 Feature ExePackage should support @RepairCondition Open v4.0 burn 1 months ago 1 months ago
4718 Feature The prerequisite bootstrapper does not install prerequisite support packages on resume when prerequisite package initiates restart Open v3.x burn 1 months ago 1 months ago
4716 Bug WixStandardBootstrapperApplication.HyperlinkLicense theme added new localization strings Open v3.10 extensions bobarnson 2 months ago 18 days ago
4711 Bug Burn does not honor RollbackBoundaries when uncaching packages during rollback Open v3.x burn 2 months ago 1 months ago
4708 Bug Media table sequence incorrect Open v4.0 compiler 2 months ago 1 months ago
4707 Feature Replace Win64 Attribute with a new attribute named similar to 'Always32Bit' Open v4.0 compiler mikegc 2 months ago 1 months ago
4706 Feature CAQuietExec might log sensitive information Open v3.x extensions 2 months ago 2 months ago

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