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WiX v4.x features should be planned

User stories

  • As a WiX developer I can plan features for WiX v4.x such that WiX v4.x releases are smooth.


This WIP exists for the purpose of tracking work that's been proposed for WiX v4.x. For each feature, we need to know:

  • Target version of WiX. Features might need to come in v4.0 because they're breaking changes. Others are internal or invisible changes and could come in any v4.x release. Some changes might come in multiple phases across multiple v4.x releases.
  • Status: Features go through a typical workflow on their way from an idea to merged pull request. Use one of the following:
    • Proposed
    • WIP draft
    • Wix-devs discussion
    • Coding in progress
    • Pull request in progress
    • Complete
  • People: Who's working on the feature. A feature might be driven and implemented by one person or multiple people could split work on the WIP and code and documentation and TPS reports.
Feature Target WIP Status People
Bundle locators 4.x XXXX Proposed @
Burn searches in MSIs 4.x XXXX Proposed @
ARP authoring 4.x XXXX Proposed @
Condition references 4.0 XXXX Proposed @barnson
Releases 4.x XXXX Proposed @
Generated ids 4.0 ---- Complete @firegiantco
BundlePackage 4.x XXXX Proposed @
Generated product code 4.0 XXXX Proposed @
Remove Package detritus 4.0 XXXX Proposed @
LZMA containers 4.0/4.x XXXX Proposed @barnson
Binder info -> row 4.0 ---- Complete @robmen
ICE support 4.0 XXXX Proposed @barnson
ICE replacements 4.0/4.x XXXX Proposed @
Migrate v3 source code 4.0 4561 Proposed @firegiantco
Property persistence 4.x XXXX Proposed @
thmutil w/variables 4.0 4149 Complete @rseanhall
Variable abstraction 4.0 4552 Pull request in progress @rseanhall
BalUtil for MBA 4.0 ---- Complete @rseanhall
Clean up MBA prereq 4.0 4161 Complete @rseanhall
thmutil Button Actions 4.0 4658 Complete @rseanhall
Modify Burn API 4.0 4773 WIP draft @

For WIP, provide a link to the WIP. For People, use your GitHub user name.


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