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Version: v3

Library Tool (lit)

Lit is the WiX library creation tool. It can be used to combine multiple .wixobj files into libraries that can be consumed by light.

Usage Information

lit.exe [-?] [-nologo] [-out libraryFile] objectFile [objectFile ...] [@responseFile]

Lit supports the following command line parameters:




Specify a base path to locate all files; the default value is the current working directory.


Bind files into the library file.

-ext <extension>

Specify an extension assembly.

-loc <loc.wxl>

Provide a .wxl file to read localization strings from.


Skip printing Lit logo information.


Specify an output file; by default, Lit will write to the current working directory.


Show pedantic messages.


Suppress schema validation for documents; this switch provides a performance boost during linking.


Suppress intermediate file version mismatch checking.


Suppress warnings with specific message IDs. For example, -sw1011 -sw1012.


Suppress all warnings (deprecated).


Generate verbose output


Treat warnings as errors. For example, -wx1011 -wx1012.


Treat all warnings as errors (deprecated).


Display Lit help information