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Version: v3

WixUI_FeatureTree Dialog Set

WixUI_FeatureTree is a simpler version of WixUI_Mondo that omits the setup type dialog. Instead, the wizard proceeds directly from the license agreement dialog to the feature customization dialog. WixUI_FeatureTree is more appropriate than WixUI_Mondo when your product installs all features by default.

This dialog set is defined in the file WixUI_FeatureTree.wxs in the WixUIExtension in the WiX source code.

WixUI_FeatureTree Dialogs

WixUI_FeatureTree includes the following dialogs:

  • BrowseDlg
  • CustomizeDlg
  • DiskCostDlg
  • LicenseAgreementDlg
  • WelcomeDlg

In addition, WixUI_FeatureTree includes the following common dialogs that appear in all WixUI dialog sets:

  • CancelDlg
  • ErrorDlg
  • ExitDlg
  • FatalError
  • FilesInUse
  • MaintenanceTypeDlg
  • MaintenanceWelcomeDlg
  • MsiRMFilesInUse
  • OutOfDiskDlg
  • OutOfRbDiskDlg
  • PrepareDlg
  • ProgressDlg
  • ResumeDlg
  • UserExit
  • VerifyReadyDlg
  • WaitForCostingDlg

See the WixUI dialog reference for detailed descriptions of each of the above dialogs.