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Version: v3

PatchInformation Element

Properties about the patch to be placed in the Summary Information Stream. These are visible from COM through the IStream interface, and these properties can be seen on the package in Explorer.
Windows Installer references
Patch, PatchCreation
Inner Text
AdminImageYesNoTypeThis attribute has been deprecated. 
CommentsStringGeneral purpose of the patch package. For example, "This patch contains the logic and data required to install <product>." 
CompressedYesNoTypeThis attribute has been deprecated. 
DescriptionStringA short description of the patch that includes the name of the product. 
KeywordsStringA semicolon-delimited list of network or URL locations for alternate sources of the patch. The default is "Installer,Patching,PCP,Database". 
LanguagesStringThis attribute has been deprecated. 
ManufacturerStringThe name of the manufacturer of the patch package. 
PlatformsStringThis attribute has been deprecated. 
ReadOnlyYesNoDefaultType The value of this attribute conveys whether the package should be opened as read-only. A database editing tool should not modify a read-only enforced database and should issue a warning at attempts to modify a read-only recommended database.  
ShortNamesYesNoTypeThis attribute has been deprecated. 
SummaryCodepageStringThe code page integer value or web name for summary info strings only. The default is 1252. See remarks for more information. 

You can specify any valid Windows code by by integer like 1252, or by web name like Windows-1252. See Code Pages for more information.

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