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Version: v3

Payload Element

Describes a payload to a bootstrapper.
Windows Installer references
BootstrapperApplication, BootstrapperApplicationRef, ExePackage, MsiPackage, MspPackage, MsuPackage, PayloadGroup, UX
Inner Text
CompressedYesNoDefaultTypeWhether the payload should be embedded in a container or left as an external payload. 

The URL to use to download the package. The following substitutions are supported:

  • 0 is replaced by the package Id.
  • 1 is replaced by the payload Id.
  • 2 is replaced by the payload file name.
IdStringThe identifier of Payload element. 
NameStringThe destination path and file name for this payload. The default is the source file name. The use of '..' directories is not allowed. 
SourceFileStringLocation of the source file.Yes
SuppressSignatureVerificationYesNoType By default, a Bundle will use the hash of a payload to verify its contents. If this attribute is explicitly set to "no" and the payload is signed with an Authenticode signature the Bundle will verify the contents of the payload using the signature instead. Therefore, the default for this attribute could be considered to be "yes". It is unusual for "yes" to be the default of an attribute. In this case, the default was changed in WiX v3.9 after experiencing real-world issues with Windows verifying Authenticode signatures. Since the Authenticode signatures are no more secure than hashing the payloads directly, the default was changed.  
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