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Version: v3

Property Element

Property value for a Product or Module.
Windows Installer references
Property Table
Control, Fragment, Module, ODBCDataSource, ODBCDriver, Product, UI, Upgrade
Inner Text (xs:string)
This element may have inner text.
Choice of elements (min: 0, max: unbounded)
IdStringUnique identifier for Property.Yes
AdminYesNoTypeDenotes that the Property is saved during admininistrative installation. See the AdminProperties Property for more information. 
ComplianceCheckYesNoTypeAdds a row to the CCPSearch table. This attribute is only valid when this Property contains a search element. 
HiddenYesNoTypeDenotes that the Property is not logged during installation. See the MsiHiddenProperties Property for more information. 
SecureYesNoTypeDenotes that the Property can be passed to the server side when doing a managed installation with elevated privileges. See the SecureCustomProperties Property for more information. 
SuppressModularizationYesNoType Use to suppress modularization of this property identifier in merge modules. Using this functionality is strongly discouraged; it should only be necessary as a workaround of last resort in rare scenarios.  
ValueStringSets a default value for the property. The value will be overwritten if the Property is used for a search. 
Any Attribute (namespace='##other' processContents='lax') Extensibility point in the WiX XML Schema. Schema extensions can register additional attributes at this point in the schema.
How Tos and Examples
See Also
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