WiX Toolset

Container Element

Representation of a file that contains one or more files.
Windows Installer references
Bundle, Fragment
Inner Text
Choice of elements (min: 0, max: unbounded)
Name Type Description Required
DownloadUrl String

The URL to use to download the container. This attribute is only valid when the container is detached. The following substitutions are supported:

  • {0} is always null.
  • {1} is replaced by the container Id.
  • {2} is replaced by the container file name.
Id String The unique identifier for the container. If this attribute is not specified the Name attribute will be used.  
Name String The file name for this container. A relative path may be provided to place the container in a sub-folder of the bundle.  
Type BurnContainerType Indicates whether the container is "attached" to the bundle executable or placed external to the bundle extecutable as "detached". If this attribute is not specified, the default is to create a detached container.  
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