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DirectorySearchRef Element

References an existing DirectorySearch element.
Windows Installer references
ComplianceDrive, ComponentSearch, DirectorySearch, DirectorySearchRef, IniFileSearch, Property, RegistrySearch
Inner Text
Choice of elements (min: 0, max: 1)
Name Type Description Required
Id String Id of the search being referred to. Yes
Parent String This attribute is the signature of the parent directory of the file or directory in the Signature_ column. If this field is null, and the Path column does not expand to a full path, then all the fixed drives of the user's system are searched by using the Path. This field is a key into one of the following tables: the RegLocator, the IniLocator, the CompLocator, or the DrLocator tables.  
Path String Path on the user's system. Either absolute, or relative to containing directories.  

A reference to another DirectorySearch element must reference the same Id, the same Parent Id, and the same Path. If any of these attribute values are different you must instead use a DirectorySearch element.

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