WiX Toolset

Payload Element

Describes a payload to a bootstrapper.
Windows Installer references
BootstrapperApplication, BootstrapperApplicationRef, ExePackage, MsiPackage, MspPackage, MsuPackage, PayloadGroup, UX
Inner Text
Name Type Description Required
Compressed YesNoDefaultType Whether the payload should be embedded in a container or left as an external payload.  
DownloadUrl String

The URL to use to download the package. The following substitutions are supported:

  • {0} is replaced by the package Id.
  • {1} is replaced by the payload Id.
  • {2} is replaced by the payload file name.
Id String The identifier of Payload element.  
Name String The destination path and file name for this payload. The default is the source file name. The use of '..' directories is not allowed.  
SourceFile String Location of the source file. Yes
SuppressSignatureVerification YesNoType By default, a Bundle will use a package's Authenticode signature to verify the contents. If the package does not have an Authenticode signature then the Bundle will use a hash of the package instead. Set this attribute to "yes" to suppress the default behavior and force the Bundle to always use the hash of the package even when the package is signed.  
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