WiX Toolset

Wix Element

This is the top-level container element for every wxs file. Among the possible children, the Bundle, Product, Module, Patch, and PatchCreation elements are analogous to the main function in a C program. There can only be one of these present when linking occurs. Product compiles into an msi file, Module compiles into an msm file, PatchCreation compiles into a pcp file. The Fragment element is an atomic unit which ultimately links into either a Product, Module, or PatchCreation. The Fragment can either be completely included or excluded during linking.
Windows Installer references
Inner Text
Choice of elements (min: 0, max: 1)
Name Type Description Required
RequiredVersion VersionType Required version of the WiX toolset to compile this input file.  
Any Attribute (namespace='##other' processContents='lax') Extensibility point in the WiX XML Schema. Schema extensions can register additional attributes at this point in the schema.
RequiredVersion String The version of this extension required to compile the defining source. (http://schemas.microsoft.com/wix/PSExtension)  
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