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DotNetCompatibilityCheck element (Netfx extension)

Validates whether the specified .NET is installed on the computer.


Package, Module


Id (String) : Identifier for the compatibility check. If the Id is not specified, one will be generated.

Platform (NetfxPreprocessorPlatformType) : The platform to use to validate.

Property (String, required) : Name of the property in which to place the result of the compatibility check. The possible values are:

  • 0 - Successful compatibility check.
  • 13 - Requested platform is not compatible with OS. Introduced in WiX v5.0.
  • 12289 - No runtime is installed.
  • 12290 - Required runtime is not installed.
  • 12291 - Failed to get hostfxr exports.
  • 12292 - Invalid arguments.
  • 12293 - Failed to construct temp json file path.
  • 12294 - Failed to create temp json file.

RollForward (enumeration) : The roll forward policy to use while validating. This attribute's value must be one of the following:

  • latestMajor
  • major
  • latestMinor
  • minor
  • latestPatch
  • disable

RuntimeType (enumeration) : The .NET runtime to check against. This attribute's value must be one of the following:

  • aspnet
  • core
  • desktop

Version (wxs:StrictThreePartVersionType) : Version of .NET to check against.

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