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Deprecate and remove Package element


The split between the Product and Package elements is confusing and mostly historical. At the same time, the Package element contains a number of obsolete and/or questionably-useful attributes that mostly exist to allow WiX to generate an arbitrary package. WiX v4.0 should

  • Rename the Product element to Package to better reflect the purpose of the element.
  • Move common attributes from the old Package to the new Package.
  • Move obscure attributes from the old Package to the new SummaryInformation element to better reflect its purpose.
Old Package attributeDisposition
AdminImageEliminate. Its only use is in using WiX to construct an arbitrary database. The name encourages users to use it to try to create a package that elevates.
CommentsEliminate. MSI SDK describes what it should say.
CompressedMove to Package/@Compressed.
DescriptionMove to SummaryInformation.
IdMove to Module/@Guid.
InstallerVersionMove to Package/@InstallerVersion and Module/@InstallerVersion.
InstallScopeMove to Package/@Scope.
KeywordsMove to SummaryInformation.
LanguagesEliminate. WiX doesn't currently support multi-language merge modules and if that support were added, it would automatically take care of this value.
ManufacturerMove to SummaryInformation.
ShortNamesMove to Package/@ShortNames.
SummaryCodepageMove to SummaryInformation/@Codepage.


WixCop needs to be updated to handle moving attributes as required.

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