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WixDotNetCoreBootstrapperApplicationHost element (Bal extension)

Uses WixDotNetCoreBootstrapperApplicationHost as the Bootstrapper Application for a Bundle.

Available in WiX v4. Deprecated in WiX v5; use WixPrerequisiteBootstrapperApplication instead.




AlwaysInstallPrereqs (wxs:YesNoTypeUnion) : When not set or set to "no", the prereq BA is only used when the .NET Core runtime can't be loaded. When set to "yes", the prereq BA will always run before the .NET Core runtime is attempted to be loaded. If set to "yes" and all prereq packages are already installed, then the prereq BA's UI is not shown.

LocalizationFile (String) : Source file of the theme localization .wxl file.

LogoFile (String) : Source file of the logo graphic.

SelfContainedDeployment (wxs:YesNoTypeUnion) : Whether the .NET Core BA was published as self-contained (SCD).

Theme (enumeration) : The built-in theme to use. The default value is "standard". This attribute's value must be one of the following:

  • none
  • standard

ThemeFile (String) : Source file of the theme XML.

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