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BootstrapperApplication element

Contains all the relevant information about the setup UI.


Bundle, Fragment



Id (String) : The identifier of the BootstrapperApplication element. Only required if you want to reference this element using a BootstrapperApplicationRef element.

Name (String) : [WIX v5 and later] The relative destination path and file name for the bootstrapper application executable. The default is the source file name. Use this attribute to rename the bootstrapper application executable or extract it into a subfolder. At a minimum, the Name or SourceFile attribute must be specified. This must be a relative path ('\foo' or 'C:\foo' is not allowed).

Secondary (YesNoTypeUnion) : [WIX v5 and later] Indicates whether the bootstrapper application is the secondary or fallback. This bootstrapper application will only run if the primary bootstrapper application returns a non-zero exit code.

SourceFile (String) : [WIX v5 and later] The path to the bootstrapper application executable. If not provided, will use the Name attribute value. At a minimum, the SourceFile or Name attribute must be specified.

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