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Merge element

Merge directive to bring in a merge module that will be redirected to the parent directory.


Directory, DirectoryRef, StandardDirectory



DiskId (DiskIdType) : The value of this attribute should correspond to the Id attribute of a Media element authored elsewhere. By creating this connection between the merge module and Media element, you set the packaging options to the values specified in the Media element (values such as compression level, cab embedding, etc...).

FileCompression (YesNoTypeUnion) : Specifies if the files in the merge module should be compressed.

Id (String, required) : The unique identifier for the Merge element in the source code. Referenced by the MergeRef/@Id.

Language (LocalizableInteger, required) : Specifies the decimal LCID or localization token for the language to merge the Module in as.

SourceFile (String) : Path to the source location of the merge module.

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