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IniFileSearch element

Searches for file, directory or registry key and assigns to value of parent Property

Windows Installer references

IniLocator Table, Signature Table


ComplianceCheck, Property



Field (Integer) : The field in the .ini line. If field is Null or 0, the entire line is read.

Id (String, required) : External key into the Signature table.

Key (String, required) : The key value within the section.

Name (LongFileNameType, required) : In prior versions of the WiX toolset, this attribute specified the short name. This attribute's value may now be either a short or long name. If a short name is specified, the ShortName attribute may not be specified. Also, if this value is a long name, the ShortName attribute may be omitted to allow WiX to attempt to generate a unique short name. However, if you wish to manually specify the short name, then the ShortName attribute may be specified.

Section (String, required) : The localizable .ini file section.

ShortName (ShortFileNameType) : The short name of the file in 8.3 format. This attribute should only be set if the user wants to manually specify the short name.

Type (enumeration) : Must be file if last child is FileSearch element and must be directory if last child is DirectorySearch element. This attribute's value must be one of the following:

  • directory: A directory location.
  • file: A file location. This is the default value.
  • raw: A raw .ini value.

See also

ComponentSearch, RegistrySearch

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