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PatchCreation element

The PatchCreation element is analogous to the main function in a C program. When linking, only one PatchCreation section can be given to the linker to produce a successful result. Using this element creates a pcp file.





You can specify any valid Windows code by by integer like 1252, or by web name like Windows-1252. See Code pages for more information.


AllowMajorVersionMismatches (YesNoTypeUnion) : Use this to set whether the major versions between the upgrade and target images match. See AllowProductVersionMajorMismatches for more information.

AllowProductCodeMismatches (YesNoTypeUnion) : Use this to set whether the product code between the upgrade and target images match. See AllowProductCodeMismatches for more information.

CleanWorkingFolder (YesNoTypeUnion) : Use this to set whether Patchwiz should clean the temp folder when finished. See DontRemoveTempFolderWhenFinished for more information.

Codepage (String) : The code page integer value or web name for the resulting PCP. See remarks for more information.

Id (Guid, required) : PatchCreation identifier; this is the primary key for identifying patches.

OutputPath (String) : The full path, including file name, of the patch package file that is to be generated. See PatchOutputPath for more information.

SourceList (String) : Used to locate the .msp file for the patch if the cached copy is unavailable. See PatchSourceList for more information.

SymbolFlags (xs:int) : An 8-digit hex integer representing the combination of patch symbol usage flags to use when creating a binary file patch. See ApiPatchingSymbolFlags for more information.

WholeFilesOnly (YesNoTypeUnion) : Use this to set whether changing files should be included in their entirety. See IncludeWholeFilesOnly for more information.

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