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Property element

Property value for a Package or Module.

Windows Installer references

Property Table


Package, Module, Fragment, ODBCDataSource, ODBCDriver, Upgrade, Control, UI



Admin (YesNoTypeUnion) : Denotes that the property is saved during administrative installations. Adds the property name to the AdminProperties property.

ComplianceCheck (YesNoTypeUnion) : Adds a row to the CCPSearch table. This attribute is only valid when this Property contains a search element.

Hidden (YesNoTypeUnion) : Denotes that the Property is not logged during installation. See the MsiHiddenProperties Property for more information.

Id (String, required) : Unique identifier for Property.

Secure (YesNoTypeUnion) : Denotes that the Property can be passed to the server side when doing a managed installation with elevated privileges. See the SecureCustomProperties Property for more information.

SuppressModularization (YesNoTypeUnion) : Use to suppress modularization of this property identifier in merge modules. Using this functionality is strongly discouraged; it should only be necessary as a workaround of last resort in rare scenarios.

Value (String) : Sets a default value for the property. The value will be overwritten if the Property is used for a search.

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