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IniFile element

Adds or removes .ini file entries.

Windows Installer references

IniFile Table, RemoveIniFile Table




Action (enumeration, required) : The type of modification to be made. This attribute's value must be one of the following:

  • addLine: Creates or updates an .ini entry.
  • addTag: Creates a new entry or appends a new comma-separated value to an existing entry.
  • createLine: Creates an .ini entry only if the entry does no already exist.
  • removeLine: Removes an .ini entry.
  • removeTag: Removes a tag from an .ini entry.

Directory (String) : Name of a property, the value of which is the full path of the folder containing the .ini file. Can be name of a directory in the Directory table, a property set by the AppSearch table, or any other property representing a full path.

Id (String) : Identifier for ini file. If one is not specified a stable identifier will be generated.

Key (String, required) : The localizable .ini file key within the section.

Name (LongFileNameType, required) : In prior versions of the WiX toolset, this attribute specified the short name. This attribute's value may now be either a short or long name. If a short name is specified, the ShortName attribute may not be specified. Also, if this value is a long name, the ShortName attribute may be omitted to allow WiX to attempt to generate a unique short name. However, if this name collides with another file or you wish to manually specify the short name, then the ShortName attribute may be specified.

Section (String, required) : The localizable .ini file section.

ShortName (ShortFileNameType) : The short name of the in 8.3 format. This attribute should only be set if there is a conflict between generated short names or the user wants to manually specify the short name.

Value (String) : The localizable value to be written or deleted. This attribute must be set if the Action attribute's value is "addLine", "addTag", or "createLine".

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