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ComponentRef element

Create a reference to a Feature element in another Fragment. New in WiX v5: Can be a child of the Package element.


Package, Module, PatchFamily, ComponentGroup, Feature, FeatureGroup, FeatureRef


Id (String, required) : The identifier of the Component element to reference.

Primary (YesNoTypeUnion) : Set this attribute to 'yes' in order to make the parent feature of this component the primary feature for this component. Components may belong to multiple features. By designating a feature as the primary feature of a component, you ensure that whenever a component is selected for install-on-demand (IOD), the primary feature will be the one to install it. This attribute should only be set if a component actually nests under multiple features. If a component nests under only one feature, that feature is the primary feature for the component. You cannot set more than one feature as the primary feature of a given component.

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