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Container element

Representation of a file that contains one or more files.


Bundle, Fragment



DownloadUrl (String) : The URL to use to download the container. This attribute is only valid when the container is detached. The following substitutions are supported:

  • {0} is always null.
  • {1} is replaced by the container Id.
  • {2} is replaced by the container file name.

Id (String) : The unique identifier for the container. If this attribute is not specified the Name attribute will be used.

Name (String) : The file name for this container. A relative path may be provided to place the container in a sub-folder of the bundle.

Type (enumeration) : Indicates whether the container is "attached" to the bundle executable or placed external to the bundle extecutable as "detached". If this attribute is not specified, the default is to create a detached container. This attribute's value must be one of the following:

  • attached
  • detached

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