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Configuration element

Defines the configurable attributes of merge module.




ContextData (String) : Specifies a semantic context for the requested data.

DefaultValue (String) : Specifies a default value for the item in this record if the merge tool declines to provide a value.

Description (String) : Description for authoring.

DisplayName (String) : Display name for authoring.

Format (enumeration, required) : Specifies the format of the data being changed. This attribute's value must be one of the following:

  • Text
  • Key
  • Integer
  • Bitfield

HelpKeyword (String) : Keyword into chm file for authoring.

HelpLocation (String) : Location of chm file for authoring.

KeyNoOrphan (YesNoTypeUnion) : Does not merge rule according to rules in MSI SDK.

Name (String, required) : Defines the name of the configurable item.

NonNullable (YesNoTypeUnion) : If yes, null is not a valid entry.

Type (String) : Specifies the type of the data being changed.

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