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InstallUISequence, AdminUISequence


After (String) : Show the dialog after the specified action. Mutually exclusive with OnExit, Before, and Sequence attributes.

Before (String) : Show the dialog before the specified action. Mutually exclusive with OnExit, After, and Sequence attributes.

Condition (String) : Optional condition that determines whether the dialog should be displayed.

Dialog (String, required) : Reference to dialog to show.

OnExit (enumeration) : Show the dialog Mutually exclusive with Before, After, and Sequence attributes. This attribute's value must be one of the following:

  • success
  • cancel
  • error
  • suspend

Overridable (YesNoTypeUnion) : If "yes", the sequencing of this dialog may be overridden by sequencing elsewhere. The default is "no".

Sequence (Integer) : Show the dialog at the specified sequence. It is recommended to use one of the other mutually exclusive attributes: OnExit, After, and Before.

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