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AdminExecuteSequence element

Windows Installer references

AdminExecuteSequence Table


Package, Module, Fragment


  • CostFinalize : Ends the internal installation costing process begun by the CostInitialize action.
  • CostInitialize : Initiates the internal installation costing process.
  • Custom : Use to sequence a custom action.
  • FileCost : Initiates dynamic costing of standard installation actions.
  • InstallAdminPackage : Copies the product database to the administrative installation point.
  • InstallFiles : Copies files specified in the File table from the source directory to the destination directory.
  • InstallFinalize : Marks the end of a sequence of actions that change the system.
  • InstallInitialize : Marks the beginning of a sequence of actions that change the system.
  • InstallValidate : Verifies that all costed volumes have enough space for the installation.
  • LaunchConditions : Queries the LaunchCondition table and evaluates each conditional statement recorded there.
  • PatchFiles : Queries the Patch table to determine which patches are to be applied.
  • ResolveSource : Determines the location of the source and sets the SourceDir property if the source has not been resolved yet.

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