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DirectorySearchRef element

References an existing DirectorySearch element.


DirectorySearch, DirectorySearchRef, ComponentSearch, IniFileSearch, RegistrySearch, ComplianceDrive, Property



A reference to another DirectorySearch element must reference the same Id, the same Parent Id, and the same Path. If any of these attribute values are different you must instead use a DirectorySearch element.


Id (String, required) : Id of the search being referred to.

Parent (String) : This attribute is the signature of the parent directory of the file or directory in the Signature_ column. If this field is null, and the Path column does not expand to a full path, then all the fixed drives of the user's system are searched by using the Path. This field is a key into one of the following tables: the RegLocator, the IniLocator, the CompLocator, or the DrLocator tables.

Path (String) : Path on the user's system. Either absolute, or relative to containing directories.

See also

ComponentSearch, IniFileSearch, RegistrySearch

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