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Variable element

Describes a burn engine variable to define.


Bundle, Fragment


Hidden (YesNoTypeUnion) : Whether the value of the variable should be hidden.

Name (String, required) : The name for the variable.

Overridable (wxs:YesNoTypeUnion, from extension namespace : When set to "yes", lets the user override the variable's default value by specifying another value on the command line, in the form Variable=Value. Otherwise, WixStdBA won't overwrite the default value and will log "Ignoring attempt to set non-overridable variable: 'BAR'."

Persisted (YesNoTypeUnion) : Whether the variable should be persisted.

Type (enumeration) : Type of the variable, inferred from the value if not specified. This attribute's value must be one of the following:

  • string: A literal string.
  • formatted: A string that may contain Variables.
  • numeric
  • version

Value (String) : Starting value for the variable.

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