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SetVariable element

Schedules a "search" that sets a variable to the given value.


Bundle, Fragment


After (String) : Id of the search that this one should come after.

Condition (String) : Condition for evaluating the search. If this evaluates to false, the search is not executed at all.

Id (String) : Id of the search for ordering and dependency.

Type (enumeration) : Type of the variable, inferred from the value if not specified. This attribute's value must be one of the following:

  • string: A literal string.
  • formatted: A string that may contain Variables.
  • numeric
  • version

Value (String) : New value for the variable. This string gets formatted, then converted to the specified type, then assigned to the variable. Leaving Value and Type unspecified will clear the variable.

Variable (String, required) : Name of the variable in which to place the result of the search.

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