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ProgId element

ProgId registration for parent Component. If ProgId has an associated Class, it must be a child of that element.

Windows Installer references

ProgId Table, Class Table, Registry Table, Icon Table


ProgId, Class, Component


  • Extension : Extensions that refer to this ProgId
  • ProgId : The version-independent ProgId must be the first child element of actual ProgId. Nesting other ProgId elements within the Version-independent ProgId will create COM+ aliases, see for more information.


Advertise (YesNoTypeUnion) :

Description (String) :

Icon (String) : For an advertised ProgId, the Id of an Icon element. For a non-advertised ProgId, this is the Id of a file containing an icon resource.

IconIndex (Integer) :

Id (String, required) :

NoOpen (String) : Specifies that the associated ProgId should not be opened by users. The value is presented as a warning to users. An empty string is also valid for this attribute.

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