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RemoteBundle element

Describes information about the referenced Bundle.





BundleId (Guid, required) : The id of the bundle.

DisplayName (String) : The display name of the bundle.

EngineVersion (String) : The version of the bundle's engine.

InstallSize (String) : The size this bundle will take on disk in bytes after it is installed.

ManifestNamespace (String, required) : The namespace of the bundle's manifest.

PerMachine (YesNoTypeUnion, required) : Whether the bundle is per-machine.

ProtocolVersion (Integer, required) : The protocol version of the related bundle.

ProviderKey (String, required) : The provider key of the bundle.

UpgradeCode (Guid, required) : An upgrade code of the bundle.

Version (String, required) : The version of the bundle.

Win64 (YesNoTypeUnion, required) : Whether the bundle is 64-bit.

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