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MspPackagePayload element

Describes information about the MspPackage payload. Cannot be specified if the owning MspPackage specified any of SourceFile, Name, DownloadUrl, or Compressed.


MspPackage, PayloadGroup


Compressed (YesNoDefaultTypeUnion) : Whether the package payload should be embedded in a container or left as an external payload.

DownloadUrl (String) : The URL to use to download the package. The following substitutions are supported:

  • {0} is replaced by the package Id.
  • {1} is replaced by the payload Id.
  • {2} is replaced by the payload file name.

Id (String) : The identifier of the package payload element.

Name (String) : The destination path and file name for this chain payload. Use this attribute to rename the chain entry point or extract it into a subfolder. The default value is the file name from the SourceFile attribute. At a minimum, the Name or SourceFile attribute must be specified. This must be a relative path ('\foo' or 'C:\foo' is not allowed).

SourceFile (String) : Location of the package to add to the bundle. The default value is the Name attribute, if provided. At a minimum, the SourceFile or Name attribute must be specified.

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