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MessageQueue element (Msmq extension)

Installs an MSMQ message queue.





Authenticate (wxs:YesNoTypeUnion) : The default value is "no".

BasePriority (wxs:Integer) : The base priority of the queue.

Id (String) : Identifier for the message queue. If the Id is not specified, one will be generated.

Journal (wxs:YesNoTypeUnion) : The default value is "no".

JournalQuota (wxs:Integer) :

Label (String, required) :

MulticastAddress (String) :

PathName (String, required) :

PrivLevel (enumeration) : This attribute's value must be one of the following:

  • none
  • optional
  • body

Quota (wxs:Integer) :

ServiceTypeGuid (String) :

Transactional (wxs:YesNoTypeUnion) : The default value is "no".

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