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MessageQueuePermission element (Msmq extension)


Component, MessageQueue


ChangeQueuePermissions (wxs:YesNoTypeUnion) :

DeleteJournalMessage (wxs:YesNoTypeUnion) :

DeleteMessage (wxs:YesNoTypeUnion) :

DeleteQueue (wxs:YesNoTypeUnion) :

GetQueuePermissions (wxs:YesNoTypeUnion) :

GetQueueProperties (wxs:YesNoTypeUnion) :

Group (String) :

Id (String, required) : Identifier for the message queue permission. If the Id is not specified, one will be generated.

MessageQueue (String) : Message queue to set permissions on. Must be specified when under a Component element. Cannot be specified when under a MessageQueue element.

PeekMessage (wxs:YesNoTypeUnion) :

QueueGenericAll (wxs:YesNoTypeUnion) :

QueueGenericExecute (wxs:YesNoTypeUnion) :

QueueGenericRead (wxs:YesNoTypeUnion) :

QueueGenericWrite (wxs:YesNoTypeUnion) :

ReceiveJournalMessage (wxs:YesNoTypeUnion) :

ReceiveMessage (wxs:YesNoTypeUnion) :

SetQueueProperties (wxs:YesNoTypeUnion) :

TakeQueueOwnership (wxs:YesNoTypeUnion) :

User (String) :

WriteMessage (wxs:YesNoTypeUnion) :

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