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Burn built-in variables

The Burn engine offers a set of commonly-used variables so you can use them without defining your own. Here is the list of the built-in variable names:

AdminToolsFolderThe well-known folder for CSIDL_ADMINTOOLS.
AppDataFolderThe well-known folder for CSIDL_APPDATA.
CommonAppDataFolderThe well-known folder for CSIDL_COMMON_APPDATA.
CommonFilesFolderThe well-known folder for CSIDL_PROGRAM_FILES_COMMONX86.
CommonFiles64FolderThe well-known folder for CSIDL_PROGRAM_FILES_COMMON.
CommonFiles6432FolderThe well-known folder for CSIDL_PROGRAM_FILES_COMMON on 64-bit Windows and CSIDL_PROGRAM_FILES_COMMONX86 on 32-bit Windows.
CompatibilityModeNon-zero if the operating system launched the bootstrapper in compatibility mode.
ComputerNameName of the computer as returned by GetComputerName function.
DateThe current date using the short date format of the current user locale.
DesktopFolderThe well-known folder for CSIDL_DESKTOP.
FavoritesFolderThe well-known folder for CSIDL_FAVORITES.
FontsFolderThe well-known folder for CSIDL_FONTS.
InstallerNameThe name of the installer engine ("WiX Burn").
InstallerVersionThe version of the installer engine.
LocalAppDataFolderThe well-known folder for CSIDL_LOCAL_APPDATA.
LogonUserThe current user name.
MyPicturesFolderThe well-known folder for CSIDL_MYPICTURES.
NTProductTypeNumeric product type from OS version information.
NTSuiteBackOfficeNon-zero if OS version suite is Back Office.
NTSuiteDataCenterNon-zero if OS version suite is Datacenter.
NTSuiteEnterpriseNon-zero if OS version suite is Enterprise.
NTSuitePersonalNon-zero if OS version suite is Personal.
NTSuiteSmallBusinessNon-zero if OS version suite is Small Business.
NTSuiteSmallBusinessRestrictedNon-zero if OS version suite is Restricted Small Business.
NTSuiteWebServerNon-zero if OS version suite is Web Server.
PersonalFolderThe well-known folder for CSIDL_PERSONAL.
ProcessorArchitectureThe native SYSTEM_INFO.wProcessorArchitecture.
PrivilegedNon-zero if the process could run elevated (when UAC is available) or is running as an Administrator.
ProgramFilesFolderThe well-known folder for CSIDL_PROGRAM_FILESX86.
ProgramFiles64FolderThe well-known folder for CSIDL_PROGRAM_FILES.
ProgramFiles6432FolderThe well-known folder for CSIDL_PROGRAM_FILES on 64-bit Windows and CSIDL_PROGRAM_FILESX86 on 32-bit Windows.
ProgramMenuFolderThe well-known folder for CSIDL_PROGRAMS.
RebootPendingNon-zero if the system requires a reboot. Note that this value will reflect the reboot status of the system when the variable is first requested.
SendToFolderThe well-known folder for CSIDL_SENDTO.
ServicePackLevelNumeric value representing the installed OS service pack.
StartMenuFolderThe well-known folder for CSIDL_STARTMENU.
StartupFolderThe well-known folder for CSIDL_STARTUP.
SystemFolderThe well-known folder for CSIDL_SYSTEMX86 on 64-bit Windows and CSIDL_SYSTEM on 32-bit Windows.
System64FolderThe well-known folder for CSIDL_SYSTEM on 64-bit Windows and undefined on 32-bit Windows.
SystemLanguageIDThe language ID for the system locale.
TempFolderThe well-known folder for temporary directory.
TemplateFolderThe well-known folder for CSIDL_TEMPLATES.
TerminalServerNon-zero if the system is running in application server mode of Remote Desktop Services.
UserUILanguageIDThe selection language ID for the current user locale.
UserLanguageIDThe formatting language ID for the current user locale.
VersionMsiVersion value representing the Windows Installer engine version.
VersionNTVersion value representing the OS version. The result is a version variable (v#.#.#.#) which differs from the Windows Installer property VersionNT which is an integer. For example, to use this variable in a Bundle condition, use: VersionNT > v6.1.
VersionNT64Version value representing the OS version if 64-bit. Undefined if running a 32-bit operating system. The result is a version variable (v#.#.#.#) which differs from the Windows Installer property VersionNT64 which is an integer. For example, to use this variable in a Bundle condition try: VersionNT64 > v6.1.
WindowsFolderThe well-known folder for CSIDL_WINDOWS.
WindowsVolumeThe well-known folder for the windows volume.
WixBundleActionNumeric value of BOOTSTRAPPER_ACTION from the command-line and updated during the call to IBootstrapperEngine::Plan.
WixBundleDirectoryLayoutThe folder provided to the -layout switch (default is the directory containing the bundle executable). This variable can also be set by the bootstrapper application to modify where files will be laid out.
WixBundleElevatedNon-zero if the bundle was launched elevated and set to 1 once the bundle is elevated. For example, use this variable to show or hide the elevation shield in the bootstrapper application UI.
WixBundleExecutePackageCacheFolderThe absolute path to the currently executing package's cache folder. This variable is only available while a package is executing.
WixBundleForcedRestartPackageThe ID of the package that caused a force restart during apply. This value is reset on the next call to Apply.
WixBundleInstalledNon-zero if the bundle is already installed. This value is set only when the engine initializes.
WixBundleLastUsedSourceThe path of the last successful source resolution for a container or payload.
WixBundleNameThe name of the bundle (from Bundle/@Name). This variable can also be set by the bootstrapper application to modify the bundle name at runtime.
WixBundleManufacturerThe manufacturer of the bundle (from Bundle/@Manufacturer).
WixBundleOriginalSourceThe source path where the bundle originally ran.
WixBundleOriginalSourceFolderThe folder where the bundle originally ran.
WixBundleSourceProcessPathThe source path of the bundle where originally executed. Will only be set when bundle is executing in the clean room.
WixBundleSourceProcessFolderThe source folder of the bundle where originally executed. Will only be set when bundle is executing in the clean room.
WixBundleProviderKeyThe bundle dependency provider key.
WixBundleTagThe developer-defined tag string for this bundle (from Bundle/@Tag).
WixBundleUILevelThe level of the user interface (the BOOTSTRAPPER_DISPLAY enum).
WixBundleVersionThe version for this bundle (from Bundle/@Version).