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WixStandardBootstrapperApplication (WixStdBA) is the "stock" bootstrapper application that comes with WiX. WixStdBA provides a simple, customizable, wizard-like UI and typical BA behavior like install, upgrades, and uninstall. The UI is provided by "theme" files that let you change the appearance (within limits) without needing to change the code of the BA. WixStdBA is written in C++, so has no additional system requirements.

WixStdBA themes

WixStdBA is included in the WixToolset.Bal.wixext WiX extension NuGet package. You need a reference to that package to use WixStdBA.

WixStdBA includes several themes to choose between RTF and hyperlinks for licenses and small or large dialogs:

  • WixStandardBootstrapperApplication.RtfLicense: A small dialog with the RTF license shown in the welcome dialog
  • WixStandardBootstrapperApplication.HyperlinkLicense: A small dialog with an optional hyperlink to the license agreement on the welcome dialog
  • WixStandardBootstrapperApplication.HyperlinkSidebarLicense: A large dialog with an optional hyperlink to the license agreement and larger image on the welcome dialog
  • WixStandardBootstrapperApplication.RtfLargeLicense: A large dialog with the RTF license and optional version number shown in the welcome dialog
  • WixStandardBootstrapperApplication.HyperlinkLargeLicense: A small dialog with an optional hyperlink to the license agreement and optional version number on the welcome dialog

You can specify WixStdBA and a WixStdBA theme using the WixStandardBootstrapperApplication element under your bundle's BootstrapperApplication element:



Theme="hyperlinkLicense" />

Here are a few of the more interesting attributes available on the WixStandardBootstrapperApplication element:

ThemeControls which WixStdBA theme is selected.
LicenseFileSpecifies the source file for an RTF-formatted license in one of the RTF themes.
LicenseUrlSpecifies the URL as the target for the license hyperlink in one of the hyperlink themes.
LogoFileSpecifies the source file of the theme image.
ShowVersionSpecifies whether the bundle version should be shown (in large themes).

WixStdBA custom themes

You can completely replace any of the WixStdBA "standard" themes with a theme of your own. Take a look at the standard theme source files so you can see examples of theme XML authoring and the pages that WixStdBA expects:

Page nameDescription
LoadingShown while the bundle is initializing and running Burn's Detect phase.
HelpShown when the user requests help at the bundle command line.
InstallShown on initial install of the bundle.
ModifyShown after the bundle has been installed, to allow for repair and uninstall.
ProgressShown during installation (and repair) (and uninstall).
ProgressPassiveOptional window shown when in passive-UI mode during installation/repair/uninstall).
SuccessShown after successful operation.
FailureShown after failed operation.

WixStdBA bundle variables

WixStdBA sets the following bundle variables, which you can use in theme files (such as in conditions to show or hide particular UI controls) and bundle authoring (such as by passing properties to packages in your bundle chain):

WixBundleFileVersionThe file version of the bundle .exe
WixStdBALanguageIdThe language in effect for the user interface
WixStdBARestartRequiredSet to 1 if a reboot is required (after the setup operation is complete).
WixStdBAShowVersionSet to 1 if WixStandardBootstrapperApplication/@ShowVersion was set to yes.
WixStdBASuppressOptionsUISet to 1 if WixStandardBootstrapperApplication/@SuppressOptionsUI was set to yes.
WixStdBAUpdateAvailableSet to the highest version of an avalable update specified in the feed pointed to by Bundle/@UpdateURL.