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WixToolset.Extensibility.Services namespace


ServiceProviderExtensionsService provider extensions.


IBackendHelperInterface provided to help backend extensions.
IBundleValidatorInterface provided to help with bundle validation.
IBurnBackendHelperInterface provided to help Burn backend extensions.
ICommandLineCommand-line parsing mechanism.
ICommandLineParserProvides the command-line arguments.
IExtensionManagerLoads extensions and uses the extensions' factories to provide services.
IFileResolverInterface to resolve file paths using extensions and bind paths.
IFileSystemAbstracts basic file system operations.
ILayoutServicesInterface provided to track files for use by layout later.
IMessagingInterface for handling messages (error/warning/verbose).
IParseHelperInterface provided to help compiler and optimizer extensions parse.
IPathResolverSupport for processing paths.
IPreprocessHelperInterface provided to help preprocessor extensions.
IVariableResolutionResult when resolving a variable.
IWindowsInstallerBackendHelperInterface provided to help Windows Installer backend extensions.
IWindowsInstallerDecompilerHelperInterface provided to help Windows Installer decompiler extensions.
IWixBrandingWiX branding interface.
IWixToolsetCoreServiceProviderThe core of the service provider used to add services to the service provider.