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WixToolset.Data.WindowsInstaller namespace


ColumnDefinitionDefinition of a table's column.
FieldField containing data for a column in a row.
ObjectFieldField containing data for an object column in a row.
RowRow containing data for a table.
SequenceTableExtensionsEnhancements to the SequenceTable enum.
SubStorageSubstorage inside an output.
TableObject that represents a table in a database.
TableDefinitionDefinition of a table in a database.
TableDefinitionCollectionCollection for table definitions indexed by table name.
TableIndexedCollectionCollection for tables.
WindowsInstallerDataOutput is generated by the linker.
WixMissingTableDefinitionExceptionException thrown when a table definition is missing.


ColumnCategoryColumn validation category type
ColumnModularizeTypeSpecifies if the column should be modularized.
ColumnTypeDefines MSI column types.
RowOperationThe row transform operations.
TableOperationThe table transform operations.