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WixToolset.Extensibility.Data namespace


CommandLineHelpA command line option (switch or command) description.
CommandLineHelpCommandA command line command description.
CommandLineHelpSwitchA command line switch description.


IBindContextBind context.
IBindPathInterface for a bind path.
IBindResultResult of bind operation.
ICommandLineArgumentsParsed command-line arguments.
ICommandLineCommandCustom command.
ICommandLineContextCommand-line context.
ICompileContextContext provided to the compiler.
IComponentKeyPathInterface used to by extensions to define a component key path or (non-intuitively) the executable payload for a the bootstrapper application.
IExtensionCacheLocationLocation where extensions may be cached.
IFileFacadeInterface that provides a common facade over file information.
IFileTransferStructure used for all file transfer information.
IIncludedFileInterface for an included file.
ILayoutContextContext for laying out files.
ILibraryContextContext provided during library creation operations.
ILibraryResultResult of a library combine operation.
ILinkContextContext provided during linking.
IOptimizeContextContext provided to the optimizer.
IPreprocessContextPreprocessor context.
IPreprocessResultResult of preprocessing.
IResolveContextContext for resolve.
IResolvedDirectoryUsed for resolved directory information.
IResolveFileResultResult of resolving a file.
IResolveResultResult of resolving localization and bind variables.
ITrackedFileInterface used to track all files processed.
IWindowsInstallerDecompileContextThe context used to decompile a Windows Installer database.
IWindowsInstallerDecompileResultThe result from decompiling a Windows Installer database.


BundleConditionPhaseThe Burn execution phase during which a Condition will be evaluated.
BundleVariableNameRuleWhen validating a bundle variable name, which special restrictions to ignore.
BurnPlatformsPlatforms that have been supported by Burn.
CabinetBuildOptionOptions for building the cabinet.
CustomActionPlatformsPlatforms supported by custom actions.
ExtensionCacheLocationScopeExtension cache location scope.
PossibleKeyPathTypeKey path types.
TrackedFileTypeTracked file types.