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ColumnModularizeType Enumeration

Specifies if the column should be modularized.


ColumnColumn should be modularized.
CompanionFileWhen the column is a companion file it should be modularized.
ConditionColumn is a condition and should be modularized.
ControlEventArgumentSpecial modularization type for the ControlEvent table's Argument column.
ControlTextSpecial modularization type for the Control table's Text column.
IconWhen the column is an primary or foreign key to the Icon table it should be modularized special.
NoneColumn should not be modularized.
PropertyAny Properties in the column should be modularized.
SemicolonDelimitedSemi-colon list of keys, all of which need to be modularized.

WixToolset.Data.dll version 5.0.1+2f00cbe680fb01ab485d56f16de9cd19b133f875