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ComponentSearch element (Util extension)

Describes a component search.


Bundle, Fragment


After (String) : Id of the search that this one should come after.

Condition (String) : Condition for evaluating the search. If this evaluates to false, the search is not executed at all.

Guid (String, required) : Component to search for.

Id (String) : Id of the search for ordering and dependency.

ProductCode (String) : Optional ProductCode to determine if the component is installed.

Result (enumeration) : Rather than saving the matching key path into the variable, a ComponentSearch can save an attribute of the component instead. This attribute's value must be one of the following:

  • directory: Saves the parent directory for the component's file key path; other types of key path are returned unmodified.
  • keyPath: Saves the key path of the component if installed. This is the default.
  • state: Saves the state of the component: absent (2), locally installed (3), will run from source (4), or installed in default location (either local or from source) (5)

Variable (String, required) : Name of the variable in which to place the result of the search.

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