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TransformFlags Enumeration

Summary information values for the CharCount property in transforms.


ErrorAddExistingRowIgnore error when adding a row that exists.
ErrorAddExistingTableIgnore error when adding a table that exists.
ErrorChangeCodePageIgnore error when transform and database code pages do not match, and their code pages are neutral.
ErrorDeleteMissingRowIgnore error when deleting a row that does not exist.
ErrorDeleteMissingTableIgnore error when deleting a table that does not exist.
ErrorUpdateMissingRowIgnore error when updating a row that does not exist.
InstanceTransformDefaultDefault value for instance transforms.
LanguageTransformDefaultDefault value for language transforms.
PatchTransformDefaultDefault value for patch transforms.
ProductVersionMaskMasks all version checks on ProductVersion.
ProductVersionOperatorMaskMasks all operations on ProductVersion.
ValidateLanguageDefault language must match base database.
ValidateMajorVersionCheck major version only.
ValidateMinorVersionCheck major and minor versions only.
ValidateNewEqualBaseVersionInstalled version eq base version.
ValidateNewGreaterBaseVersionInstalled version gt base version.
ValidateNewGreaterEqualBaseVersionInstalled version gte base version.
ValidateNewLessBaseVersionInstalled version lt base version.
ValidateNewLessEqualBaseVersionInstalled version lte base version.
ValidateProductProduct must match base database.
ValidateUpdateVersionCheck major, minor, and update versions.
ValidateUpgradeCodeUpgradeCode must match base database.

WixToolset.Data.dll version 5.0.1+2f00cbe680fb01ab485d56f16de9cd19b133f875