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The available actions for «see E:WixToolset.Mba.Core.IDefaultBootstrapperApplication.Shutdown» .


NoneInstructs the engine to not take any special action.
ReloadBootstrapperInstructs the engine to unload the bootstrapper application and restart the engine which will load the bootstrapper application again. Typically used to switch from a native bootstrapper application to a managed one.
RestartInstructs the engine to restart. The engine will not launch again after the machine is rebooted. Ignored if reboot was already initiated by «see E:WixToolset.Mba.Core.IDefaultBootstrapperApplication.ExecutePackageComplete» .
SkipCleanupOpts out of the engine behavior of trying to uninstall itself when no non-permanent packages are installed.

WixToolset.Mba.Core.dll version 4.0.5+b9b2f1b4c69a1b509d487dc950b30b4ec9b0d040