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WebApplication element (Iis extension)

Defines properties for a web application. These properties can be used for more than one application defined in a web site or vroot, by defining this element in a common location and referring to it by setting the WebApplication attribute of the WebSite and WebVirtualDir elements.


Fragment, Module, Package, WebVirtualDir, WebDir, WebSite



AllowSessions (wxs:YesNoDefaultTypeUnion) : Sets the Enable Session State option. When enabled, you can set the session timeout using the SessionTimeout attribute.

Buffer (wxs:YesNoDefaultTypeUnion) : Sets the option that enables response buffering in the application, which allows ASP script to set response headers anywhere in the script.

ClientDebugging (wxs:YesNoDefaultTypeUnion) : Enable ASP client-side script debugging.

DefaultScript (enumeration) : Sets the default script language for the site. This attribute's value must be one of the following:

  • VBScript
  • JScript

Id (String) : Identifier for the web application. If the Id is not specified, it will be generated.

Isolation (enumeration) : Sets the application isolation level for this application for pre-IIS 6 applications. This attribute's value must be one of the following:

  • low: Means the application executes within the IIS process.
  • medium: Executes pooled in a separate process.
  • high: Means execution alone in a separate process.

Name (String, required) : Sets the name of this application.

ParentPaths (wxs:YesNoDefaultTypeUnion) : Sets the parent paths option, which allows a client to use relative paths to reach parent directories from this application.

ScriptTimeout (wxs:Integer) : Sets the timeout value in seconds for executing ASP scripts.

ServerDebugging (wxs:YesNoDefaultTypeUnion) : Enable ASP server-side script debugging.

SessionTimeout (wxs:Integer) : Sets the timeout value for sessions in minutes.

WebAppPool (String) : References the Id attribute of a WebAppPool element to use as the application pool for this application in IIS 6 applications.

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