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WebVirtualDir element (Iis extension)

Defines an IIS virtual directory. When this element is a child of WebSite element, the virtual directory is defined within that web site. Otherwise this virtual directory must reference a WebSite element via the WebSite attribute


Component, WebVirtualDir, WebSite



Alias (String, required) : Sets the application name, which is the URL relative path used to access this virtual directory

Directory (String, required) : References the Id attribute for a Directory element that points to the content for this virtual directory.

DirProperties (String) : References the Id attribute for a WebDirProperties element that specifies the security and access properties for this virtual directory. This attribute may not be specified if a WebDirProperties element is directly nested in this element.

Id (String) : Identifier for the web application. If the Id is not specified, it will be generated.

WebApplication (String) : References the Id attribute for a WebApplication element that specifies web application settings for this virtual directory. If a WebApplication child is not specified, the virtual directory does not host web applications.

WebSite (String) : References the Id attribute for a WebSite in which this virtual directory belongs. Required when this element is not a child of WebSite element.

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